June 01, 2017

We are pleased to welcome the newest member of the Populo family, the Fusion 2.0 Disc. Fusion is designed with fun and fitness in mind. 

If you've been in the market for an affordable, sleek, and lightweight hybrid bike, the Fusion is the answer. We started from the ground up by designing a new lightweight aluminum frame that is light, yet strong enough to handle any road conditions.

We equipped our Fusion line with mounts for fenders and racks, so it's ready for any weather, hauls panniers or a rack-top bag with ease. Proven and reliable Shimano components, including a wide-range drivetrain for hills, round out the Fusion.

As the name suggest the Fusion 2.0 ads disc brakes. Upgrading to disc brakes give the rider superior braking power no matter the road conditions or weather. With the Large rotors you can have confidence that the Populo Fusion will stop effectively every time you reach for the brakes.

Fusion is ideal for urban riders who want the low rolling resistance and efficiency of a road bike, blended with the wide-range drivetrain and upright riding position of a mountain bike. 



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