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Replacement Lithium-Ion Battery for Populo Sport V3

The latest Populo Sport V3 battery with an injection molded mount is now available to purchase as a spare for those extra long rides. Pair this with a second charger and you can set yourself up for a commuting powerhouse to have one battery at home, and one at work.

Our battery features powerful Lithium-Ion cells for a long life and won't weigh you down at just 5 lbs. 

Each replacement battery includes a matching key to lock the battery to your Populo Sport. 


• 36V 
• 8.8Ah
• 316.8WH
• 5 lbs

Tech Notes

This battery fits "Revision B" type carriers found on Populo Sport V3 E-bike. It will not fit the "Revision A" carrier found on Populo Sport V1/V2 E-bikes. To purchase a spare battery for the Populo Sport V1/V2, CLICK HERE

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
David Warnimont
V2 "Carrier" fit

Product literature clearly says the V2 and V3 are incompatible due to carrier. If I modify the carrier, will the battery and electronics be compatible?

Byron Shaw
Great Service!!

Thank you for sending me a replacement battery for my Populo v3 Sport! Im on the road again thanks to you. After receiving my shipment, I contacted your company about getting the old battery repaired/refurbished or helping me find someone in my area who is authorized in Populo Repairs. I have not received a reply yet. Thanks again for all you hard work! I have people ask about my Populo regularly and i am always excited to tell them how much enjoyment I get outta mine! Roll on!

caroline hodge
battery needs

will you please make more v1 batteries? I would really like to use this bike!

Howard Caudill
Battery needs

Sure wish you would stay making a battery for the v1e-bike. I'm sure that there R many people that would like a spare for there v1 bike. Come on you guys, get with it for is that can't afford to buy a new bike because you won't supply a battery replacement.

paul lakey
Lithium Ion replacement battery

Battery works fine. Service was excellent.