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How to choose a Populo bicycle

Welcome to Populo! We manufacturer a wide variety of complete bikes for different needs. Choosing the right model can be challenging, but we're here to help. This guide will help you find the perfect bike and get you rolling in no time. 

Our Models

Sport offers a breakthrough electric motor to provide up to 25 miles of pedal-assist range. Sport is a singlespeed design - only one gear, so no need to worry about shifting. You'll simply choose a boost level from a display mounted on your handlebar, and Sport does the rest. Just pedal and it will provide electric pedal assist to speed you to your destination. Sport is idea for a rider who wants an e-bike to go faster, further, and carry more, but wants to keep things simple from a maintenance perspective. 

Some riders want to tackle off-road riding and steep hills - that's where Peak comes in. It uses a high-end "mid-drive" motor, the best choice for climbing hills and performance riding. Peak includes powerful disc brakes to stop you and wide-range Shimano gears to complement the mid-drive motor and battery. Peak is the best choice for enthusiast cyclists who demand top e-bike performance. 

For some riders, space is at a premium - and a folding bike is the answer. Curve brings folding bikes and e-bikes together for one of the world's first battery assist compact folding bikes. Ride to your destination with a 20 mile range, then Curve folds down into a compact shape for easy carrying or storage - so small, it fits under many office desks! Curve fits easily on buses, trains, or ferries. You should choose Curve if you are an apartment dweller with limited storage, public transit commuter, or ride to a location with limited outdoor bike parking. 

Lift Diamond and Lift Comfort
Lift Diamond and Lift Comfort bring e-bike power, comfortable suspension forks, and Shimano drivetrains to an impressive price point. Each features the same 28 mile range and 350w electric motor; Lift Diamond uses a traditional frame, while Lift Comfort uses a step-through frame for easy mounting and dismounting while wearing a skirt or dress. These bikes are a fine choice for general, all-around e-bike use on paved surfaces. 
Fixie is Populo's only non e-bike model. Unlike our e-bikes, it doesn't have a motor, battery, or pedal assist feature - just one gear to take you everywhere. It ships with a versatile flip-flop rear wheel that allows you to choose singlespeed or fixed gear riding style. This is a bike you can just "grab and go", no need for special equipment. Fixie is perfect for cruising your college campus, urban environment, or boardwalk. It's best for riders who don't want the complexity of shifting gears, charging batteries, or suspension.