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Populo Blitz Electric Scooter


Our Blitz electric scooter is the perfect transportation tool for urban commuters, errands, or college campuses. Blitz speeds you to your destination using a powerful, quiet 350W motor and Lithium-Ion battery system. You dial in the speed by selecting one of 5 modes, from economy to power and then pull the trigger throttle to engage the motor. 

Blitz easily adjusts to suit riders of varying heights using a height-adjustable handlebar, so the whole family can ride. It's light enough to fold and easily lift into the trunk of a car, or carry upstairs to a second-floor apartment. The deck features a grippy surface for traction and both front and rear tires are air/pneumatic for comfort and control compared to other scooters which use solid rubber tires. 

Before taking a trip, think "Do I really need a car for this?" Many trips are close to home or office, and well within the range of an electric scooter. Electric scooters like the Populo Blitz are an emission-free, environmentally sensitive choice too, so you can feel good about reducing tailpipe emissions and keeping a car off the road. And you'll save money on gas and insurance too! 

Thanks to the folding design you can store Blitz under a desk, in a coat closet, or even on public transportation like a bus, ferry, or train. We've even included special touches like an integrated, handlebar-mounted bell for courtesy; and a kickstand for convenience. 



350 watt Rear-Mounted 
Gearless Direct Drive Hub,
18 MPH Top speed

36 volt / 14.5 Ah (522 WH)
3 Hour charge time
15 to 20 miles
Fixed Monochrome LCD, 
Trigger Throttle
Ergonomic rubber

35 lbs

10” in Inflatable Front
and Rear
Front Tektro & Rear Shimano Mechanical Disc,
Tektro Levers with
Motor Inhibitor and
Integrated Bell

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I love this scooter!

So I ordered the POPULO SCOOTER AND THIS THING IS AWESOME. I weigh 220 and this thing has no issues for my size. The scooter is so much fun to cruise around. It’s half the price of Segway and the quality seems on par. I recommend this scooter for sure!!!

Mike Adams
Good as the others at least.

I bought this at a amazon return auction for 75 bucks US. I knew what it was retailing and hoped it wasn't shape. It was brand new but did not charge due to a fuse #5 blown. I replaced it. Works great now & I have put over 100 miles on her. It could be a lot lighter... I don't care for these bulky builds but it works well. Battery take over 3 hours to charge that much I know. I would have never paid the retail, but for 75 bucks it amazing... I'd mod a razer350 if I wanted anything better. This could use a speed unlocking mod.

Eric Sherman
Great scooter for urban commute

Thrilled with this scooter, I basically laugh the entire two miles to work because it's so fun. Looked at a lot of different options but I think this is the best value if you are willing to spend somewhere in the mid-high range for something durable and powerful. Battery life has been solid after 6 months of use and parts are holding up well. Charging is a bit slow however, maybe 6 hours for a full charge but will get me around 15 miles. I live in the Northeast and the tires are well suited to bumpy roads and sidewalks. Speed is as advertised, around 17mph on flat ground. Not light, but folds up conveniently and easy to carry. I got a hole in the rear tire tube (likely from friction or sand while running on low tire pressure) and was able to replace with a standard 10" tube though not without some difficulty getting the tire off and on. Overall very satisfied with performance and at a decent price point.

Roland Kraus
deliveryto Gemany

Do You deliver this fantastic looking electric Scooter to Gemany ?