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Replacement Battery Charger for Populo E-Bikes and Scooter

The Populo electric bike charger is now available for separate purchase, so you can grab some extra power for those long rides. Set yourself up to be commuting powerhouse with a charger at home and a spare at the office, or replace a lost charger. 

This charger is compatible with: 
  • Populo Sport V1, V2, and V3 e-bikes
  • Populo Scout e-bike
  • Populo Blitz scooter
  • Populo Lift V2 e-bike
It is not compatible with: 
  • Populo Lift V1 e-bike
  • Populo Curve e-bike

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I need a replacement charger for my scooter. It is never in stock and the company is not responding to me. I can’t find the manual to figure out what type of charger I need so I can buy one and try to charge it. It’s annoying to own this thing without the possibility to charge it. If anyone knows what type of charger it needs please post a comment.

Cody Cox
Needs more info

I've just purchased a V3 secondhand however the charger that came with it is clearly not the original what correct rating (volts wahtts amps ) charger do I need?

Richard Bailey
Lift model battery charger

I requested a charger for a four pin outlet plug for a Populo lift model and was sent a picture of a charger with an RCA type connector! I have one of those for my V1...

Berenise Ramirez
Terrible Support

I ordered the wrong charger for a bike I bought second hand. I just wanted to return it and I was told I can initiate a return on Amazon, what? I literally made the purchase on and my receipt says Avant sports. Why would I initiate a return through Amazon, makes no sense. It’s been days since I’ve been saying I just want to return it and they take forever to respond through email. Never purchasing from that site again.

Melody Maclam
The replacement battery charger is awesome! Thank you. I can ride my bike again!

Thank you