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Populo Electric Scooter Pneumatic Tires - Up to 14.5 Miles & 15 MPH Portable Folding Commuting Scooter for Adults with Double Braking System.

  • POWERFUL MOTOR AND LONG BATTERY LIFE - The 350W brushless hub motor gives you up to 15mph of great speed. High capacity battery with a Max travel range to 14.5 miles under specific conditions. Max load up to 220lbs.
  • STABLE AND DURABLE FOR COMMUTING - Extremely smooth when accelerating and turning, Populo Electric Scooters has been made solid and durable quality with air-filled tires and whole frame. 

  • BEING SAFER WITH TECHNOLOGY - Populo Electric Scooter is made with front and rear 2 lights. The double braking system features a mechanical disc braking and electrical braking.

  • EASY TO READ THE STATUS OF YOUR SCOOTER - Populo Electric Scooter has a high-standard dashboard that shows your speed modes, speed, battery level status, and power.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN - Populo Electric Scooter collapses for easy storage in car trunks and closets, beneath subway seats, and inside other compact spaces. The folding process only needs 3 seconds. The scooter itself only weighs 28.3lbs.

Customer Reviews

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Is it really a lemon if they are all lemons?

Oh my god, what a terrible scooter. Everything that can fall off a scooter immediately fell off: the latch thing on the rear fender, the bell, and the kickstand. The kickstand! I have five scooters and that has never happened.

I read a bunch of comments and a big complaint seems to be that this company ignores the customer service requests, but this has not been my experience. The company actually responded to me. The first time my scooter stopped working they sent me a new battery, no questions asked. Like, literally no questions. There was no, "Try this, ok, now try that, hmm... all right, we'll send you a new battery." They just sent the battery first thing, which leads me to believe that they were having this problem a lot. I wasn't so wild about this solution, but I accepted it even though I didn't want to unscrew all the screws on the bottom cover and take that off and then unplug the wiring and take out the old battery and swap it with the new one. I live in NYC and just about every week there is a news story about a fire caused by a lithium-ion battery. Granted, those fires are almost always caused by e-bikes, but still. Whatever. I put the new battery in, and the scooter worked.

Then the wheel was wobbly. I sent them a video of my wheel being wobbly and they offered me a rebate of $100. I bought the scooter for $199, so that sounded pretty good, because the scooter was still rideable, sorta.

That's right, the scooter is now $249 but I got it for $199, so, maybe wait a bit and the scooter will drop again to $199? Or better yet, never buy it ever.

Ok, what happened next? The hub motor wheel got really draggy, then it wouldn't rotate at all. Then I took it off and put it back on again and it... turned again perfectly for no reason!! Then it would turn on and not work and it gave me an error message, I forget which one, and then I solved that by plugging in the hub motor in a more firm way, then it seemed fixed and ready to go and the next morning it wouldn't turn on. So, as for the current problem with the scooter, the culprit might be the digital dashboard thing, but I don't really see how or why and I don't feel like buying one just to test this. Even if this does fix it, something else will go wrong soon. The scooter sucks, I hate it, and I'm probably going to be selling it for parts soon.

I have a Xiaomi M365, and Aovo Pro, and this one and this is the only one I have trouble with. I also have two bigger scooters and they are fine too.

Here's what I liked about the Populo. The wheel motor hub plugs in outside, not inside where the battery is, this to me seems like an improvement. The stem feels kinda nice and thick compared to my other Populo-like scooters, the brakes and handlebars also have a nice feel to them. The charger for my Populo is much more substantial than the charger for my Aovo Pro.

I'm giving this review 2 stars instead of 1 because customer service sent me a new battery and also gave me a $100 rebate and I only bought the terrible thing for $199, but even so, it should be a 1-star review because this scooter is by far the worst one I ever had.

Maybe things are different now? This product page was inactive for a long time. So, maybe they sold all their bad scooters and I got one of those, then they took a few months to make better scooters and now they are back and selling better scooters? Maybe? Doubtful?

Oh! And both fenders came off. One came off and I put it back on with all sorts of washers and bolts, and the front fender split in half. I still don't get sprayed with water though, so it works somehow. It's a bad scooter.

If you would like to see the photos and videos from this review, please find the Populo scooter on Amazon and easily find this review under the 2 star reviews.

Rear flat tire

I bought this scooter, and noticed that the rear tire was flat, I've tried to fix it but can't find where to do it. Then I wanted to change the tire myself, but I noticed that the screws that was added to the package when it was delivered could not fit to u screw the tire. Please what should I do. I need your response ASAP. Thanks.

Flat tire

I bought two of these scooters and one had a rear flat tire. I've sent several emails and have no received a response to fix this issue.

Safety sheet for battery

I own 4 populo pes350b e scooter. Now I plan to move overseas and want to take it with me. My moving company tild me that I will need the material safety data sheet for scooters battery to ship it overseas. Me and my moving company sent several emails and calles you but you didn't get back to us. Could you kindly help me in getting the safety sheet?

Maksim Ivanchenko
Battery doesn't hold a charge

I know you sell through Amazon I bought a populo scooter and it work 3 times I used it then after that the battery doesn't hold it's charge. And I don't want to to return it to throw Amazon I just want to know how this can be fixed. I paid 379 on Amazon that were you sell your scooter I just went went straight to you and on top of the I paid for a scooter to that supposed to go 40 mph one not 15 mph like that one is is to slow . And was wondering if I can get new battery of you some how please write me back to my email is [****] I'd like to get this fixed with out refund. . if you can fix it I'd like a refund.