May 16, 2017

The Populo Metro is the newest addition to our bike line, a blend of sleek looks, light weight, and reliability.

The Populo Metro is designed to be your go-to bike when riding around town, or on the bike path, or on campus. Its lightweight and agile Aluminum frame helps you maneuver around quickly and effortlessly.

We fitted the Populo Metro with a riser handlebar for a comfortable riding position that still gives you responsive handling. Then we equipped the Metro with the proven Shimano 3 speed Nexus internally-geared hub. An internally-geared hub gives you a wide range of gears, without all the maintenance of a traditional rear derailleur. Internally geared hubs are ideal for riding in all weather conditions, so your Metro will always shift consistently since the moving parts are protected inside the hub. Rear derailleurs can also be damaged when you lock up a bike - with no derailleur, the Metro is ideal for commuting to work or school when your bike is out of your sight all day. 

Metro is equipped with WTB Comet Urban tires for a comfortable ride. They feature a tough, puncture-resistant casing to help reduce flat tires.